Make your games accessible to visually impaired people

Discover a tactile tablet a long side audiodescription.

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With our solution, begin to win your games… against exclusion

Attract a new audience

Your club activities become accessible to visually impaired people.

Increase your commitment to society

Your club and sponsors develop their CSR policy through concrete actions.

Become a pioneer of inclusion

Accessibility regulations are to change. Be ready !

La tablette tactile Touch2See

touch2see, an immersive and tactile experience allowing to follow sport games

The touch2see interactive tablet make the users dive into the heart of games thanks to its touch and audio interface.

Curseur magnétique

A magnetic cursor reproduces the ball position in real time.


The vibration reflects the intensity of the game.


An audio description provides precise information about the game.

Out of the box solution, easy to install, easy to use



Can be used autonomously throughout the stadium.

Plug and play

Plug & Play

Automatic connection to sport data.

Simple d'utilisation

Easy to use

Easy, intuitive handy.



A tablet with your club colors.

The touch2see tablet:
the solution of choice for visually impaired people

Complete immersion

The tablet allows users to interact with their environment and fully experience the stadium atmosphere.

Unprecedented understanding

Accessing the main information of the game makes it easier to understand, even without any support.


A solution for multiple sports

Our ambition is to allow visually impared people experience games of every sport.

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touch2see, committed to the world of visually impaired people

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